Kratom, but better.

Kratum is...

Better than Kratom powder.

Compact. Residue-free. Easy to handle.

Better than Kratom capsules.

Consistenly precise. Consistently pure. Not a guessing game.

Finally here.

We offer...


  • All Kratom used in KRATUM have been treated for microbes.
  • Once the pellets are pressed, they are then tested again before shipping.


  • Each KRATUM pellet contains exactly 0.5g of microbe-free* kratom leaf powder.
  • An extended release reaction begins in just 15 minutes or less after research* has begun.


  • KRATUM is the world’s first pressed Kratom pellet. Ever.
  • Better than Kratom powder. Better than Kratom capsules. KRATUM is finally here.


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*ALL PRODUCTS are sold for research purposes only

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